What's Happening

New Server!

We have slowly transitioned over to a new server with the help of David and Trinity Western University's IT department. We are now running on a Linux machine and will make the final transition early next week. We will have about an hour of downtime when we make the transition and then will be up and running with the ability to take our application to a new level and work on some of the other projects we've wanted to work on for a while.

What Remains

We are working hard to finish the functionality for Phase 1 (text module). We are nearly finished our second to last function and will need another two weeks to finish the remaining function. While this will put us three weeks behind where we wanted to be, I am reminded that WATER is a Google-sized project without their resources. We’re doing rather well for a development team of two but time is not our friend right now.

New Site!

We are very pleased to introduce our new website! While much content will be added to the site in the weeks to come, we hope that the new site will begin to enable you to be informed and involved with the ongoing development of WATER.


Check out our new video on the home page! It is a fairly technical video on the aspect of WATER that allows a professional in textual criticism to manage the data related to the many copies of the book that were passed down over centuries.

Read "About" us.

Content has been added to the “About” page. To find out about what WATER is and its history of development please take a few minutes to read that page.

What is WATER?

WATER is the Web Application for Textual and Exegetical Research.

WATER is an online tool being designed to improve the ability to engage with important texts. It is intended to facilitate the research of specialists who study the books of the Bible and who are working on projects involving the comparison of all the known copies of an ancient text for the creation of a critical edition and apparatus related to that text and/or those who are writing commentaries on one of these many ancient books. WATER is designed to foster an environment of collaboration between project owners and collaborators, be they colleagues or research assistance.


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